independence hall explosion


The Oranges is a timely example of how the American people are taken advantage of by the government in various ways. The United States government will continue to keep their interests in mind and go against those in house and home. They will continue to perpetuate war after war, sickness after sickness for profit. How the government treats the people is the same way it treats its supply and demand system; there is always a quota to be met, everyone is a number or a statistic, not an individual. The mainstream media divides the minds of the country and creates problems instead of solving them. The government promotes pharmaceutical medicine instead of holistic medicines and eating the right foods, they rather hospital beds fill up and doctors get HMO’s, while the local farmer lives on debt and the consumer can’t have a chicken coup of their own out front.

The world is also consumed by social media, people care more about likes and followers online over real personal interaction. Cyber bullying, depression and body shaming to teen suicide are where this idea of an ‘Instagram perfection’ leads the society.

Our political system does not work, it is an outdated system that was not ready for the drastic overpopulation we face today and also the technological advancements since the industrial revolution. The constitution is outdated as well, it does not protect the rights of all, and does not look out for the interests of all citizens. The fact there are only two major parties with drastically different ways to run the county within only a four to eight-year term to change anything leads to division and nothing accomplished. America must stand up and let the world know we do not agree with our government. The American people need to let the world know the governments of the world can no longer take advantage of the people. We have to take the power back soon in order to start to reverse the damage done to the earth; and take care of those that need help. Political interests continue to destroy the planet, and those that continue to think that the American government is strong, not at fault and has the best interests of all in mind are sadly mistaken. Those unaware of their carbon footprint have bought into the media propaganda machine that continues to perpetuate war after war and sickness after sickness and acts against the peoples interests.

“There is a large audience for an action thriller like The Oranges with political elements and technological advancement ideologies factors to broaden its appeal. Given the political climate this is the perfect time to create a film of this magnitude. The budget is high and follows a great male lead with a socially conscious topic that should garner interest from producers or financiers on an independent level. There are ripe characters, especially Riley and Gable, for high value talent as well as a socially relevant world which has the potential as a series. There is also tremendous potential on VOD or streaming platforms with the opportunity at a theatrical release with star attachments.”