Ashton Montague Segree


The story behind The Oranges is near and dear to my heart. The five-year process to complete the script has been a personal as well as professional journey. The Oranges is the a sci-fi thriller story of a man learning to free himself by freeing society.

The idea of The Oranges came to me when I was 13 in 2001 when the twin towers fell in New York. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Following the attacks came a flood of news reports which all seemed conflicting. Something didn’t make sense, or something wasn’t clicking, I’m not sure what it was, but it was the feeling like we were all being lied to. Then they told us the weapons of mass destruction lie to get oil from the Middle East. The more I researched the more I didn’t trust the news narrative and started seeking truth. As I grew up throughout the years the government became increasingly worse. There were always different agendas behind the rouse of public safety and American interest, when there was not enough interest in the peoples well being. The increase for supply and demand and the accepted narrative supporting the system continues to destroy ecosystems across the world as well as poison our own food creating sickness all for profit.

I began working on The Oranges as an actor living in LA in 2016 who had recently left the music industry for more creative pursuits. I found a home in The Oranges in that the script allowed me to grow and reclaim control over my life, my community and endeavors. It allowed me to channel how I felt as a black man living in the United States and harbor and channel the anger I felt since I was 13 during September 11,th 2001. I believe this story can only be told by a black man in the United States, because there aren’t many of us and as a black man creating a revolution is what a lot of us think about given how racism affects us daily. Enough was enough in 2016 with all of the police brutality, so I decided to make a group dedicated to overthrowing the government “The Oranges”.

The main character, Riley Summers, is a distinguished computer programmer who puts aside personal improvement and wealth for a chance to reclaim his life and his work. The Oranges is a story everyone can connect with and hopefully grow from.