Who We Are



Soundsight’s mission is to create content that will inspire people to positively and effectively impact their communities, networks and audiences.


Culture is a vital and unique part of our organization. It’s what makes Soundsight a very unique and special place to work. Passion is at the heart of every project which make maximum effort our default setting. Our team strives at gaining and maintaining a true competitive edge in the media production industry by staying up to date with the latest technology and maintaining positive industry relationships. Our guiding principal is our love for film, growth and quality from leadership by way of ingenuity and creativity. Each Soundsight project ensures there is a focus on the audience needs to ensure desired emotional reactions and maintain interest.


Soundsight is a Philadelphia/Los Angeles based video marketing, advertising, and film production company, combining expertise in filmmaking with an understanding of the digital space. The company produces feature films, short films, branded films and commercials with
bold storytelling, cinematic value, and exciting creativity.

Soundsight was created with the idea that every client we work with and every script our team produces showcases nothing short of quality and shows passion in every detail. That each and every story brought to life does justice to the film industry and art itself. There’s a
beauty in film and a landscape to create and explore new innovate ways to tell stories.

Soundsight is a company that pushes boundaries of film-making and challenges companies to connect with new and existing audiences in ways they have never before.