The world has relocated to major cities, where there is technology. Outside of the cities there aren’t many people. The cities are larger than today and everything you would want or think of needing is in each city. Those that are outcasts, sick from virus and dissidents of the government are cast outside of the cities and hunted by Enforcer patrols.

Each and every person walks in lines on the sidewalk not paying attention to what’s around them, and travels via moving sidewalk or by simply following the person in front of them. No one is thinking for themselves. Police stand on every corner, there are small cameras on every block and everyone is living in an augmented world.

At night most look outside to the stars once they disconnect from the device, looking at what they are missing, they don’t know what to do and why they are so empty.

There is a presidential election in the year 2040 and the government is about to pass an amendment that will allow an update to further control the population. The Legislative and Judicial branches have merged with the Executive branch.

Independence hall expolosion