iVue Corporation – America First

iVue Corporation Background:

The iVue Corporation was created by Riley Summers, a young biomedical engineer and computer programmer who is contracted by the government to help them make a more perfect America. iVue produces antibiotics, industrial biotech, biofuels, healthcare products, insulin, household chemicals and biotech technology. Apple and similar products have gone out of business because of Riley’s technology. The company grew after the Iran and Syria wars of 2028 and the growing conflict in South America. Riley was contracted with the government in Iran testing his Aura-76 technology with US soldiers when his family was killed in convoy attack, at the time he was perfecting his Aura-76 device, eventually the government convinced him to let them take stake in the company, in tern they would grow the company. The iVue headquarters is located in Philadelphia, PA which is connected to the Office of Civil Disobedience and coordinates with Washington. The iVue company is run by government officials and Riley’s team of talented programmers.
IVue’s bio-integrated technology products became a big success during trials in war with US soldiers in 2028. Soldiers using the A-76 were able to better communicate, strategize, assess threat levels, and complete missions at a higher rate than any opposition.
Riley Summers discovery and creation of biological technological semiconductors which successfully bind to the optic nerve and communicate with the frontal lobe helped America win the war and soon made the product readily available to the public. The president proposed an amendment making the A-76 law by the age of 5 and the American people agreed and voted to create a more secure America.

iVue Corporation Products:

Agricultural Biotech
Industrial Biotech
Environmental Biotech
Healthcare Products
Food Processing
Household Chemicals