Bio Tech Eye Device: iVue Corporation introduces Aura-76

Aura-76 Overview

Aura-76 (A76 for short) is a bio integrated device that tracks your every move. And connects you to the world around you. Aura stands for the state of the art AI software that guides you while using the device. Once the A-76 is surgically added to the iris the biological technological semiconductors bind to the optic nerve and communicate with the frontal lobe. Once the A-76 is added to the iris it pairs with America’s 7G network and an augmented reality called the “Patriot” platform begins to show you the world in a different light. The “Patriot” platform lets the user watch TV, connect with friends, use apps, surf the web and take the user wherever they want to go. In order to access the device each day, the citizen has to recite a part of the constitution before logging in every morning and logging off each night. Those that do not recite and are offline during the day are met with violence and punishment. This device is required by all citizens and not having one, disconnecting or removing it is punishable by death.

BLUE (Law Abiding Citizen)

The device allows you to talk to other people and you can even show others what you want to see. The government is able to access this information and see the world through your eyes if they choose. Connecting to the online platforms allows you to interact with your reality through augmentation and controls all money and purchases. There are various online platforms and apps, and the news and government are constantly sending updates and news reports which pause all interaction.

ORANGE (Traitor)

Tampering with the device or breaking the law turns the device orange. The orange glow once emitted from A76 once someone is offline is a terrorist symbol in the midst of the story. Once offline the user is shut out and disconnected from the “Patriot” Platform. Those that join the rebellion have their device reprogrammed on a remote network called “FreeMinds.” The rebellion names their group The Oranges because of the color the device turns to when offline and disconnected from the government iVue Mainframe.