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The Oranges, written by Ashton Montague Segree, is a timely sci-fi thriller set in a not so distant future in which all American’s are connected electronically through an implanted biomedical device. Our story centers around, Riley Summers, the engineer and computer programmer who perfected the device. In this world people have forfeited their privacy for a sense of safety.

Despite his intellectual prowess Riley lives an empty life searching for meaning while still morning his wife and daughter. This very human story of a man seeking purpose is upended by brutal attacks on his city municipality. When the government turns against its once esteemed designer Riley must choose sides.

Luna, the little girl who lives next door to Riley represents the innocence of this society. Gable, the leader of the dissidents, underlying philosophy is that no man is free while under constant surveillance. The Oranges is set is a futuristic world where technology accelerates human issues rather than reduces them. The “Big Question” that The Oranges asks is, how much of our personal freedoms are we willing to give up for safety, prosperity and/or the status quo?