Riley and Gable



Riley (White) & Gable (Black):

Riley Summers, the famous biotech engineer is a white man and represents white rule on America. Gable is the leader of the resistance and is African-American in a world that discriminates and oppresses African descendants and all who are ethnic; one works for the government and one works against the government for the people. Gable thinks there is a chance that Riley Summers has more substance than most think and that he might the one who can change the tide. Riley represents the oppressor struggling with power and moral conscience and Gable represents the voice of the people and redemption for Riley.
Riley (Black) & Gable (Black):

Riley Summers and Gable Shariff are both African-American men in a world that discriminates and oppresses African descendants; one works for the government and one works against the government for the people. Gable thinks that Riley Summers, the famous bio-tech engineer has turned his back on his people and works for the very oppressor that holds the people down. Riley represents those who are scared and silenced and playing along with the Tyrannical rule in order to survive. Gable represents the redemption Riley so desperately desires, offering him an invitation to true family and helping him find acceptance for who really is, Gable shows Riley real black strength and to not be afraid and stand up in the face of oppression.


Riley’s family died and he feels alone and unwanted in life. His only objective is his loyalty to his country and his company to create a better America. He uses the A-76 eye device to catch dissidents and monitor threats and is blind from how Jeffries and the government are using his technology. He is a pawn in a larger game and Gable wakes him up to his reality by showing him what the county has planned. Gable also gives Riley that sense of family that he misses with The Oranges family and shows him purpose.

Their push-pull relationship is evident throughout the film, with Riley seeking redemption and purpose in his life and Gable offering him that purpose and redemption he so desperately desires. Gable on the other hand knows how the government operates from his time in the military and will stop at nothing to bring down the government. He carried out missions that were crimes against humanity, and vowed to use his expertise and knowledge to systematically and tactically bring down the American government and rewrite the constitution. Gable seeks love the entire film, finding it and demanding it wherever he goes. He loves to give back to his community and help the future grow towards a positive and safer place where people have free thought.


Gable – Justice/Vengeance

Gable educates before inflicting justice. He and his group helps those that need it and strategize how to free valuable assets. The Oranges move systematically, very quickly, trained and effectively accomplishing each and every mission successfully. They are powerful, well armed and lethal. He teaches his army to move through society leaving no traces and how to neutralize your target effectively.

Gable is looking for people that want to think for themselves and those that have what it takes to stand up to the government, free societies mind and work toward a more sustainable future.


Riley – Redemption

Riley seeks redemption for the death of his family; he also feels immense guilt about how the government is using his technology. Riley believes he is doing the right thing, however feels that something is wrong with the way the government is arresting and controlling the population using the device. He gets the chance at redemption when he meets Gable and The Oranges.