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The film is about learning to stand up for yourself in the face of tyranny and injustice. In Philadelphia, PA where the story is set, in the year 2040 the country is controlled by a totalitarian American government. The heartbeat of The Oranges consists of a world with the haves and have not’s. A country so consumed by material and technology that they are too blind to see their freedoms being taken.

Around 2030 the government started promoting iVue Corporations bio technology A-76 device to make a better, more safe America. They promoted and sold the idea to the American people under ruse of public safety. They intend to eventually go global; America used the technology for ten years as a test to see if the technology worked. They are now ready to have other countries signing up as well. Having everyone tracked, having a community more connected and all money controlled in one place, while governments can strip rights from it’s citizens.

In 2040 Those that are dissidents and outcasts of society and are not involved in the controlled iVue universe are threats to the establishment. Everyone has the knowledge that if you break the law or deactivate your A-76 device, it turns orange. Some citizens wear oranges to rebel but are met with opposition. The rebellion The Oranges steal medical supplies, food and technology from the government to help those that have been cast out by society and recruit those that are specialized in military tactics, intelligence and self-sustaining skill sets. Units from the government keep going missing and the government wants who is responsible.

The constitution has been amended multiple times over the past 20 yeas slowly stripping rights away disguised behind public safety concerns. The government plans to gain all the control it wants by sending a virus in one of the regular updates to the A-76 “Patriot” Platform before the 2040 presidential election, every American will have their mind reprogrammed to listen and be subservient. The government will sell this technology and control device to other countries.

As the disparity of wealth is at an all time high in America The Oranges will be well received. Like Great influencers such as V For Vendetta (UK & Guy Fawkes), Yellow Vests (France) tells a tale of breaking down this device and the power we have to rise above the blows we get in life. Film’s such as “Into the Storm”: A Short Film Devoted to Yellow Vests Act 18 in Paris, & ‘A Place in the Sun’ (‘J’veux du soleil’), Che: Part One (2008, show there is a space for revolution films in a growing digital film industry.