Smoke Background


Riley Summers

A highly respected and decorated computer programmer and digital architect who has created a biological implant which has been mandated by law to be worn by each and every citizen. The device not only tracks citizens but offers apps, news streams and entertainment to its users while allowing the government to track and witness their every interaction. Riley is a cultural sensation and has created America’s favorite technology and device. Riley created the device after the death of his wife and daughter, vowing to make sure America and people were connected and safer.

Gable Shariff

The leader of a small group of insurgents who have illegally “unplugged” themselves from nations monitoring network. Called The Oranges because of the orange glow that emits from their eyes (a byproduct of disconnecting the government’s digital tether) that work secretly in the underground to overthrow the current administration and offer citizens freedoms previous generations took for granted. The Oranges steal medical supplies, food and technology from the government to help those that have been cast out by society. Gable was an active member of the marines in the late 2020’s and fought along side Jeffries, the now Head of the Office Of Civil Disobedience. Around the same time of Jeffries ascent, Gable met a programmer and hacker by the name of Patch, together they vowed to fight and give society true freedom; Gable disconnected and formed The Oranges revolution.

Secretary Ryan Jeffries

The current appointed US Secretary of Civil Obedience and Riley’s immediate supervisor. Jeffries is under the intense pressure from the President to find the perpetrator or perpetrators of a recent domestic terrorist event: A bombing of the nations historic Independence Hall. He served in the United States Marines during the Iranian/Syrian War and South American conflict. After the wars he was promoted to the Office of Civil Disobedience recognized as a war hero. Jefferies was apart of the same unit as Gable Shariff, they were ordered to escort civilians out of a city, and instead Jeffries opened fire killing them all. The town found out about the massacre and attacked their unit in the middle of the night, killing most of the marines. Jeffries held the enemy off with Gable and a few others and was given the highest honor in the land. Shortly after Gable deserted and Jeffries was promoted, loving the fame, limelight and power he has.

Carolina Guadalupe

Carolina is a veteran, highly skilled and capable woman who carries the fight for freedom in her every move. Because of ideological fidelity she is initially skeptical of Riley when he desires to join The Oranges. She is attracted to Riley and hates that she is. Although attracted to his intellect she reminds her comrades that Riley was not only a member of the opposition, but crafted the device that shackled the world.


Patch is an underground computer programmer who once was a Marine, engineer and developer. In the Marines Patch started hacking marines A-76 device testing his anti-software and was located by the government. Patch immediately became a high priority target, they sent After Gable’s ambush he was sent t apprehend Patch, but instead the two joined forces and vowed to set as many people free as possible. Patch deactivated Gable, the leader of The Oranges, and ever since they have lead the revolution together. Once the A-76’s were installed to the public, Patch started hacking the system and deactivating people’s devices with a counter virus for iVue technology which scrambles the code of the users device. Patch designed and manufactures The Oranges weapons and armor which link directly to Patche’sA-76 “FreeMinds” platform. The network Patch designed “FreeMinds” is disconnected from the government mainframe and linked with The Oranges system and tailored algorithm.


Luna is a 10 year-old who lives in Riley’s neighborhood whose parents are absent and he often has conversations with as she draws on the sidewalk. Through her precocious comments and probing of the world’s current state of affairs, Riley examines his own ideologies and loyalties.